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JoySinger's IDs - Contact us

The following is our only e-mail address for interactions between us and the customer. Any change will be posted on this page.

You can use the above email address:

- if you need to send customization forms or any information pertaining the customization process;
- if you wish to receive a quotation;
- if you wish to receive information about shipping rates;
- if you have any questions, requests or doubts;
- if there is any complaint or advice.


All communications must be addressed to the above e-mail address. We do not monitor any other email address, so we beg you to send e-mails only to the above address in order to prevent any miscommunication.
Please note that any other email address we may have does not provide an automatic reply: if you send an e-mail to any address different than the one specified above, you will not receive any reply at all and your e-mail/s will be disregarded.

We strive to provide replies in a short and timely manner, and we usually do within a few hours. Anyway, due to time differences we may take up to 24 hours to reply. Other than that, if we do not reply within a reasonable amount of time, we are having either internet issues or we are away. In this last case an appropriate notice will be provided in advance via newsletter and posted on this page. An automtic reply will also be set for the e-mail.


At the moment, we are present only on the following platforms:

- On the internet, at this website:
- On Google, at our e-mail addresses: and
- On Facebook, at our official profile: Rik Caine (JoysingersIDs).

If you notice that other channels/entities are operating under our name, using our brand (logo, names, etc.) or advertising and/or selling our products, please let us know immediately so we can act appropriately in case of unauthorized activity. Thank you.