About me

Hello reader and welcome to the JoySinger's Blog (or simply JS Blog for friends). I am a blog, so you can read, browse and learn from me (that's my purpose after all).

But why should you bother to read me? Well, for my contents of course.

There are tons of other platforms out there, dealing with the most different topics, from food to engineering, from comic books to philosophy. I deal with IDs. A peculiar kind too, to be honest...
Over the years I became quite versed in various forms of identification documents (and sometimes badges) issued by various military and law enforcement agencies (especially the U.S. ones). I have also developed an interest for such items when manufactured for theatrical purposes in movies or TV series (the so called prop IDs).

While there is indeed some literature on the metal shields known as badges (some books out there too), few, if anything, has been written about the identification documents accompanying them.

That's exactly what I'm gonna write about. The articles you'll find here will be about ID cards and credentials, both real and fictious (prop) ones. In the first case, I'll provide a bit of background history for the issuing agency/branch, then outline the history, evolution and design elements that make the IDs so unique. In the second one, you'll maybe find an answer about that ID used in your favorite movie: "is it a real one?", "how far is this from the real thing?", "how come I see a different FBI ID in every movie if the FBI is always the same thing?". These and more questions will be answered, I promise.

So that's it, that's my introduction. Take a moment to find out below what's in each section of the above menu.

Any question or suggestion you can contact me.
Thank you and have a good reading!

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- Miscellaneous: if you're unsure what's the difference between ″ID card″ and ″credentials″, you should take a look here. This section contains articles about terminology used in the articles and other stuff that can't be categorized in the previous sections.
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