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JoySinger's IDs - How to order

Pending the implementation of the online shopping experience, all orders must be placed via e-mail. Once the shopping cart and online checkout will be implemented, you will be able to shop online as it used to be. At the moment there is no deadline set for this update, therefore we beg you to follow the procedure detailed below if you wish to place an order. Thank you very much for your consideration and understanding.

To place an order, please follow these steps:

Send an e-mail to the appropriate e-mail address displayed in the Contact us section, making sure to specify the following:
  1. Website link of the main item(s) you want to order or a reference picture if the item is not available on the website. If a webpage contains multiple items, specify also the additional identifiers, E.G.: matrial / type / rank / etc.

  2. Any additonal option(s) (if available and required, such as "customization"). If required, make sure to include any advanced customization option(s) (such as photo editing, etc.) and/or any accessory for IDs and badges. If "customization" is required, we will also need the customization form (you can submit it when you prefer).

  3. Shipping address. If you do not want to disclose your shipping address right away, you can just provide the country, city and zip code.

  4. Preferred shipping method. You can find out more about available shipping methods in the Shipping section. Please remember that phone number is mandatory if courier shipping is required.

  5. Preferred payment method. You can find out more about available payment methods in clause 2.1. of our TOS. You can also check FAQ 1.5. for a comparison of pros and cons of each payment method.

  6. (Optional) Any additional request(s) you may have.

We will get back with a calculation of the payment total and, after you let us know you want to proceed, we will let you know the required information to send out the payment.

Below you can find an example of ordering e-mail. In the example below, the customer wants to receive a quotation for an order composed by a main item, additional options (customization) and advanced customization options (specifically, a "photo editing" involving a background color change). The customer would like to user courier shipping (priority service) and pay with MoneyGram.


I would like to order the following item:
I would like the PVC card with "re-embedded" chip.
Type of card: Geneva Convention ID card
Branch/Service: US Army

I would like customization.
I would also like to order the following advanced customization option: photo editing and request a change of the background color of my photo from the current one to green. How much would that cost? I attach to this e-mail the photo to edit.

I would like courier shipping, priority service, how much would that cost? Shipping is to:

* Specify city, state, zip code *
* Specify country *

I prefer MoneyGram as a payment method.

Please provide an order's total, thank you.

If you have any questions at all about the ordering process feel free to contact us, we'll be glad to help out.