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JS Blog - legal disclaimer

The following is a legal statement about the purposes of this blog and about its contents:

- The aim of this blog is to inform people who are collectors or enthusiasts of military/police ID cards and credentials, both real and fictional.
The term "real" indicates such items actually used by real law enforcement agencies or military branches. The term "fictional" refers to those items that appear in theatrical productions such as, but not limited to, movies and TV series. E.G.: the credentials issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to its personnel are a real item; the New York Police ID card used by Bruce Willis as Detective John McClane in the movie "Live free or die hard" is a fictional item (and called a prop).
All information, both texts and images, contained in this blog represent the personal opinion of the writer. As explained below, they come from personal knowledge and do not have the demand to represent the truth. Such information are offered only for informative/entertainment purposes.

- All information, both text and images, contained in this blog derive from the personal knowledge of the writer. This knowledge is based on information of public domain and not contained in any classified government document known to the writer. This knowledge was formed over almost 2 decades of research and study. Some of the information contained in this blog may not directly originate from such knowledge but represent inferences based on the said knowledge (deductive / inductive / abductive reasoning) or conclusions drew by analogy.

- All images shown on this blog have been designed by the writer and/or are based / come from images / text / information available in the public domain. They do not come from the knowledge of any classified government document known to the writer.

- All texts and images contained in this blog can be freely shared as long as its paternity (JS Blog / is properly credited.

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