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JoySinger's IDs - Shipping

Here you can find the shipping policy, which is part of our TOS.

Currently, there are two shipping methods available:

1. Regular shipping

2. Courier shipping

Please note that shipping rates do not include handling fees, which vary according to the shipping method. Handling fees include packaging, collection and also payment fees.


Shipping method Pros Cons Manned by
Regular shipping Free Long delivery times
Unavailable to some countries
National postal services
Courier shipping Short delivery times
Available to any country
shipping rates apply Courier own network

Please note that the above table has a purely informative purpose and is not meant to replace in any way the information provided below for each shipping option.



1.1.1. What is it? Regular shipping is the standard method employed to ship all orders.

1.1.2. Who handles it? Regular shipping is handled by national postal services.

1.1.3. What does it include? Regular shipping always includes a tracking number.

1.1.4. How do I get it? Regular shipping requires no action on your behalf when ordering on the website. For orders placed via e-mail, we will use this option unless you explicitly request the "express" or "courier" shipping.


1.2.1. How much does it cost? Regular shipping is FREE for the customer.

1.2.2. How are shipping rates calculated? Being free of charge, regular shipping does not require any calculation.


1.3.1. How do I get updates? Regular shipping provides a tracking number. You can track your shipment by entering the tracking number on which displays all updates from beginning to end. Please note that it is not our standard policy to communicate to the customer if an order that includes only in-stock items has been shipped and/or its tracking number. If customer has ordered only in-stock items and wishes to receive any updates about the shipment; he/she has to contact us. On the other hand, we provide to send to the customer the tracking number and the shipping date of any order that includes one or more customized and/or totally customized item/s.

1.3.2. How long does it take to deliver on average? On average, delivery time for regular shipping varies according to destination country. As a general guidance delivery times are as follows:
Area   Delivery time
Europe   2 to 4 weeks
North America   5 to 8 weeks
Asia   7 to 9 weeks
Oceania   8 to 10 weeks

Please note that during summer months and late December (due to Christmas' and New Year's holidays and hightened shipping volumes) postal services work slower. This is likely to add up to 2 weeks to the above time frames.


1.4.1. Are there any handling fees? Yes. Although being free, regular shipping involves handling fees because the postal service does not provide for the collection and packaging of the shipment.

1.4.2. How are handling fees calculated? Actual handling fees vary according to both order's value and weight. The following fees are calculated based on the order's value only, but once your order will be shipped we will take care to refund any difference that is beyond the coverage of actual handling and payment fees. Please note that this procedure may end in no refund at all.
Order's value Handling fees
up to 9,99 € 7,00 €
from 10,00 € to 29,99 € 9,00 €
from 30,00 € to 49,99 € 11,00 €
from 50,00 € to 79,99 € 13,00 €
from 80,00 € to 99,99 € 16,00 €
from 100,00 € to 119,99 € 20,00 €
from 120,00 € to 149,99 € 24,00 €
from 150,00 € to 169,99 € 29,00 €
from 170,00 € to 199,99 € 33,00 €
from 200,00 € to 229,99 € 38,00 €
above 230,00 € 48,00 €


1.5.1. We reserve the right not to ship to certain countries using this shipping option due to the high unreliability of their postal services. Should this happen, we will take care to refund the payment and let the customer know. Our exclusion list is not fixed and may vary during the time. If you want to make sure if regular shipping is available to your location, please check the list below or contact us first.
At the moment, this shipping option is not available for the following countries/areas: Central and South America. If an order is to be shipped to these countries/areas, courier shipping is to be used.



2.1.1. What is it? Courier shipping is a shipping method alternative to the standard one (regular shipping).

2.1.2. Who handles it? Courier shipping is handled by the courier network.

2.1.3. What does it include? Courier shipping includes a tracking number.

2.1.4. How do I get it? Courier shipping is an alternative shipping method and is not available when ordering directly on the website. This means that any order requiring it has to be placed via e-mail, as the website is unable to provide this option as an alternative when checking out. Please refer to the following procedure: If you want to request COURIER shipping, please send a message to the e-mail address shown in the Contact us section, specifying:
- order details (item/s and additional option/s such as customization, lamination, etc.)
- payment method
- at least the destination country (where the order has to be shipped)
- preference for courier shipping
This must be done before making the purchase on the website. We will calculate any handling fees, then send you an e-mail to let you know the total price. If you agree (explicit approval is requested), we will proceed with the payment (send a custom PayPal invoice/provide you with the bank/$BTC transfer information).
Please note that in order to ship the order with courier shipping a valid address and a phone contact have to be provided.


2.2.1. How much does it cost? Courier shipping rates are as follows:

Area   Shipping rates
Europe   40,00 € - 55,00 €
America, Asia and Oceania   45,00 € - 65,00 €

2.2.2. How are shipping rates calculated? Courier shipping rates depend on the destination country and do not follow an uniformed pattern. Please contact us in order to receive the actual rate for your country.


2.3.1. How do I get updates? Courier shipping provides a tracking number. You can track the progress on the courier's website. We will let you know when the order is shipped and the tracking number.

2.3.2. How long does it take to deliver on average? Average delivery times are as follows:

Area   Delivery time
Worldwide   2 to 5 business days


2.4.1. Are there any handling fees? Yes. Handling fees cover mainly payment fees as courier provides partially for the packaging and collection of shipments.

2.3.2. How are handling fees calculated? Actual handling fees vary according to order's value. Since courier shipping has to be requested specifically and that actual fees vary greatly depending on the actual order's value, we will provide to give you an exact figure of the handling fees when quoting the courier shipment.


3.1. Customer cannot request a change in the shipping method after the order has been already shipped out. If this happens, customer will have no right to request a refund or a partial/total remanufacturing of the item/s ordered.

3.2. If the order has not been shipped yet, the customer may ask to change shipping method. In such a case, a calculation will be done in order to establish whether the customer has to cover additional expenses or has the right to receive a refund for the difference. Customer may also opt not to receive a refund and to keep the amount as credit for any future need.

3.3. The refund that is due over the change of the shipping method will not include any payment fees.

3.4. Customer must provide a valid shipping address. A valid shipping address includes at least name of addressee, apartment/unit number (where applicable) street/square name, street/square number (where applicable), city/town name, zip code, destination country and, if requried by the shipping method or on customer's request, phone number. If customer does not provide an address at all, the one shown on PayPal payment will be used (when available). Please note that courier shipment is not available if the address is a PO (post office) box.

3.5. Should we have any doubt about the address provided by the customer or displayed on the PayPal payment (when available), we may contact the customer for furhter clarification. If the customer did not contact us first (hence we do not have his/her e-mail) we will contact the customer at the e-mail address shown on the PayPal payment (when available). The order will be held until an answer is received.

3.6. If delivery fails because of any of the following circumstances are realized:
- customer has provided an incomplete or wrong address or refuses delivery
- the PayPal payment (when available) displays an incomplete or wrong address
customer will have no right do demand a refund of the shipping cost, value of item/s oredered or both. To that regard please note that the definition of "wrong" includes any misspelling.
It is customer's duty to make sure to provide a correct address and to ensure that the one specified in his/her PayPal account is correct and, in general, to provide truthful shipment information in order to prevent any issues (points 1.10., 1.11., 1.12. of the TOS).