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Free Halloween items

Would you like something different than the usual low quality "sailor hat" or "police uniform" made in China?

Are you looking for the item that will make you pop out stunningly in the party crowd?

How about a great and unique Halloween costume for your kid?

Stop spending money on those bad looking "police" or "military" one-size-fits-all costumes.
Make your own one out of what you already have without sacrificing quality!

Take a look below and find out what will bring your costume to the next level.

It's for FREE!

Free downloadable DIY sets

Download free, ready to print, sets of accessories that will turn your everyday clothes in great costumes!

Placement of costumes' accessories

Before applying any insignia, either that you purchased or downloaded, take a look here for the correct placement

Advices for application of costumes' accessories

These are some tips for making sure that the insignia you purchased or downloaded do not come off after being applied.