Shipping information

You can choose between two types of shipping methods: regular and courier shipping.
Regular shipping is the standard shipping method. If you want courier shipment you must request it before making your purchase (see "Courier shipping" section below for more information).


All shipments have a tracking number, which is is a guarantee both for the customer and for the seller.

Delivery time for regular shipping varies according to customer's country: 2 weeks for Europe, 3 weeks for USA, 4 weeks for Canada and Oceania. During summer months and late December (due to Christmas and new year holidays) postal services work slower. This is likely to add 1-2 weeks to the above time frames for delivery.

WE DO NOT SHIP ANY ORDER TO SOUTH AMERICA WITH REGULAR SHIPMENT (Mexico and countries below it), except to Argentina and Cile. Orders coming from other South American countries require courier shipment.

It is not our standard policy to communicate if a standard order (non customized item/s) has been shipped, unless an email communication happened before it (custom order or courier shipment). If you want to know order status, tracking number or in general information pertaining shipment; please send a message to the email address shown in the Contact us section

In order to deliver our products in the best shape, we use to ship our cards and badges closed in carboard or bubble warpping (and printing on the parcel "HANDLE WITH CARE" in several languages).

Actually shipping price varies according to weight, which varies from order to order. The following costs are calculated in excess, but once your purchase has been shipped, we will take care to refund the difference (excluding paypal fee). Please note that refund of price is made after subtraction of paypal fees. This procedure may end in no refund at all. For example: if actual shipping is 15.00, you end to pay 20.00, but paypal fee is 5.00; no refund is available.

IMPORTANT: we have witnessed a constant rise of shipping costs at the beginning of each year, which ultimately has forced us to raise shipping costs accordingly. This is confirmed to be a constant trend. We will try our best to keep shipping rates fixed but this may not be possible.

Shipping costs are shown in the table below.
Purchase value Shipping cost
up to 9,99 12,00
from 10,00 to 44,99 17,00
from 45,00 to 99,99 20,00
from 100,00 to 199,99 25,00
above 200,00 45,00

NOTICE FOR USA CUSTOMERS: all shipments, as stated above, use tracked mail. Despite that, sometimes tracking number does not work on USPS website. This does not mean that item is not tracked, it just means that the USPS does not update tracking online. The only way for a USA customer to track the parcel when it leaves our country, would be to go to his/her local post office and ask them to use tracking number to gain information about parcel status.


Customer is free to request courier as shipping method. Courier is a lot faster (from 24 hours to 7 days for most remote areas) on a worldwide level, it is safer but far more expensive than regular shipping. We do not know courier's cost in advance. Fees below are calculated in excess. If there will be any, the difference will be refunded after order is shipped. For the very same reason we do not know delivery time in advance. Usually it goes from 1 to 3-4 days. The following table contains standard fees applied for courier shipping, depending from order's destination:

Destination Courier fee
Europe 40,00 + 15,00 *
USA and Canada 45,00
Asia, Oceania and South America 60,00

*we are forced to charge this amount to every order regardless of its destination due to travel, fuel and time expenses as we have go to the courier station for shipping the order.


- If customer wants his/her order to be shipped via courier, he/she must send a message to the email address shown in the Contact us section, specifying order details (item/s and additional option/s like customization, lamination, etc.), paypal email address, country (to which order has to be shipped) and stating that courier shipping is required. This must be done before making the purchase via website.
- We will calculate paypal fees, then send the customer an email to let him/her know total price to pay.
- If customer agrees (explicit approval is requested), we will send a custom invoice via paypal.
- Once item is shipped we will let the customer know tracking number.

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ALL CUSTOMERS: the following rules are binding, just like the ones contained in Sale and return policy section. At the moment you make a purchase, you automatically declare of having read and accepted them.

- Customer cannot request courier shipping after his/her standard or custom order has been already shipped with regular mail (which is the case of website direct orders). Despite that, customer can still request courier shipping after having completed the purchase. We need to distinguish the following cases then:
If it is a standard order (non customized item/s) and we get to know customer's will before order is shipped, we will accomodate it: the whole order will be refuned and we will send a new invoice with the new shipping cost. In other words, if we read your email on time we will not ship and proceed as stated, otherwise nothing can be done and item/s will be shipped with regular mail.
If it is a custom order and customer changes mind during the customization process, he/she can tell us: we will then refund the whole order and send a new invoice with the new shipping cost. Again if cusotmer states it after customization process is concluded (after preview approval) but before item is manufactured, we can still accomodate his/her will. Otherwise, if item has ben manufactured, nothing can be done and item/s will be shipped with regular mail. For a better understanding of this paragraph please read "customization process" subsection at the bottom of Sale and return policy page.

- The above process works backwards if customer first asks for courier shipping then requires regular shipping.

- Definition of address: name of addressee, actual address, destination country and, if requried, phone number. If customer does not provide an address, the one shown on paypal payment will be used. If delivery fails because the actual address is different from what shown on paypal payment or because it is (totally or partially) wrong, customer will have no right do demand a refund of the shipping cost, value of item or both. It is customer's duty to make sure that paypal address is correct or to provide the correct one and in general give truthful shipment information.