Sale and return policy

The following section contains rules (contractual clauses, terms or terms of agreement) pertaining the sale, refund, return and customization process. This section contains most of the contractual terms, that are completed by Shipping and Contact us sections too. At the moment you make a purchase, you automatically declare of having read and accepted them. They are both for your and our guarantee.


Our sale policy can be summed up in the following points:

- What you see in photos is what you get. All photographs deceipt actual items and each photographed item has been manufactured by us.

- Certain items may be subject to restrictions if they have to be shipped to USA or their possessions, as explained in the Restriction policy page: this may result in unavailable customization and/or apposition of a "REPLICA" stamp. The said page is part of this clause. Additionally, a clear film layer is applied on all PVC cards in order to prevent writing of data on chips, barcodes etc.; something what would make the card a fake ID. We decline every responsibility from use, misuse or alteration of the said items. Items are sold for collectible purposes only. Restrictions' aim is to avoid any issue both on our and on customer's side. Customer will be held responsible for any alteration of the purchased items by erasing and/or editing text or information on them; and/or of their use/misuse.

- By purchasing from this website you agree to defend, pay reasonable attorney fees and indemnify, its agents, principals, shareholders, servants and employees as a result of any litigation, civil and or criminal that may arise from and/or may be related to any transaction from the said website and/or may arise from/may be related to the use/misuse/alteration of the purchased item/s.

- We only have one email address, which is displayed in the Contact us section. All questions, inquires, customization forms or else shall be sent to the said email address. In general, all communications shall be held via the said email address. Questions, inquries, customziation forms or else sent to any another email address will not be considered and disregarded.

- Our products can be customized (included prop items). If otherwise is not specified, please send us an email with your requests.

- We reserve the right not so ship to some places. If this should happen we will refund the payment and let the customer know. Our exclusion list is not fixed and may vary during the time. If you want to make sure we ship to your address, feel free to contact us.

- We do not reproduce actual military or police records.

- If you have an interest to see reproduced badges, identification cards, etc. not advertised on this website, please send us an email with a photo reference of the item you would like to see reproduced. We will send you a quotation so you can decide if you wish to proceed or not. Quotations are free and do not imply a purchase.

- We can make ID cards, credentials, papers, etc. not shown on website. This means that the whole order is made expressly for the customer. Those orders are called "totally custom orders". We need to distinguish several cases:
Customer provides design of the item: item will not be shared nor will be sold on website. This rule applies only when the whole design is a customer's creation. If customer provides a design which is a reproduction of a prop item the following rule applies.
Customer requires us to replicate or provides the design of an item used in a movie/TV series (prop item): we reserve the right to sell the item.
Customer provides a photo of the item to replicate which is not a prop item: item will not be sold, unless there is a specific interest. In such case we will ask customer's authorization in order to sell the item. If customer denies our request, the item will not be sold.
Please note that this clause pertains only to the item's design.

- We do not sell fake IDs and we do not authorize misuse or alteration of our products. Customer has to check his/her local/state regulations pretaining purchase and possession of badges and ID cards. Customer assumes all the responsibility deriving from the purchase. As a reminder of this point, a disclaimer has been placed in each page of Products section. Customer is completely responsible from use/misuse/alteration of the purchased items. Use against the law, misuse or alteration of ANY item is not authorized. The only authorized alteration is the one done for dramatic purposes (E.G.: an ID card used in a movie scene where any alteration is done because it is part of the plot).


Despite we make all possible efforts to offer a good service, we have to consider the possibility of customer's unsatisfaction. We want to point out that no customer ever found a lack of quality in our products.

- Customized items cannot be returned in any case.

- All items not customized (in-stock items) can be returned.

- Returns are accepted if customer is not satisfied with the quality. If customer claims item/s to be damaged, he/she has to provide photographic evidence of both damaged item/s and packaging (included cardboard/bubble wrapping).

- Customer can return his/her purchase/s within 7 solar days from date of delivery.


- Once we will get the returned item/s back, we will provide to issue a refund (excluded original shipping cost and paypal fees).

- Due to their unique nature, customized items cannot be refunded once produced.

- Customer must ship the item/s back with tracked shipping. If customer ships back with untracked shipping and item/s is/are lost, no refund will be issued.

- What if customer changes mind about the purchase? We need to distinguish several cases:
Item pruchased is not customized and has not been produced or shipped yet: refund will be issued without delay. Refund will include shipping costs and paypal fees.
Item purchased is not customized and has been already shipped: customer will have to start a standard return procedure (see above). Once the item has been received by us without damage, a refund will be issued (refund will not include original shipping cost, shipping cost paid by customer to return the item/s and paypal fees).
Item purchased is customized and has not been produced yet: refund will be issued without delay. Refund will include shipping cost and paypal fees.
Item purchased is customized and has been already produced but not shipped or has been already shipped: as stated above, due to their nature, customized items already produced cannot be refunded. If a customer changes mind when the item has been already produced, no refund will be issued. No refund will be issued even if customer returns the customized item.

- We will not be responsible if delivery fails due to incorrect/insufficent address or because resulted unclaimed by addressee. We need to distinguish several cases:
Item purchased automatically returns back with no damage: if applicable, above rules will be applied, but refund will exclude original cost of shipping and paypal fees. If customer is willing to get the item/s, he/she has to cover shipping cost for the new shipment.
Item purchased automatically returns back with damage or does not return at all: no refund will be available.
In the above cases the term "automaticallY" means that return is operated automatically by courier/postal service. If it is the customer who starts the return, previous paragraph's rules apply. This clause applies both to regular and courier shipments.

- No refund is available if an item is damaged by customer's actions (e.g.: negligence in properly packing the item when returning it/exposure of the item to chemicals based products or temperature variations/use of the item against the law/etc.).

- At our discretion, we may ask customers to confirm the shipping address. This usually happens when the address is not shown on the paypal payment or if we notice it misses fundamental partsm like destination country/zip code/etc. If our request is ignored or not answered, the order will be held until a positive reply is received.

- No refund will be available if customer provides an address located in a country where an item is not restricted (hence can be shipped there); then demands it to be shipped to a country where it is restricted after graphic preview's approval. If the item has been manufactured, it will not be shipped.

-Items are shipped via tracked mail, but we decline any responsibility for mishandling caused by postal services.


- Customized items require side by side work with customer. If customer does not provide required information his/her order is held until those data are provided.

- Should we need any additional information or have any doubt, we will let customer know. The order is held until an answer is received.

- Once customer provides the required data, a graphic preview of customized item/s is sent for approval. Preview's aim is to show customer if information provided are correct and/or if have been typed correctly. The preview is not a representation of actual manufactured item but a computer generated image. Actual item/s' quality can be seen on its/their website's photographs.

- Graphic preview is sent after payment is received.

- Once the graphic preview is sent, customer can require to edit it. A new preview is sent. This phase contniues as long as customer wants to change information shown on the item/s' preview. Data shown in the graphic preview are typed in the same way customer types them in the customization form/s, including word spelling, uppercase and lowercase letters, dates, numbers, punctuation marks. Customer must express his/her will to edit the information before giving the approval. Any discrepancy with the data provided or request to edit information must be submitted before giving the approval.

- Once customer is satisfied with the graphic preveiw, his/her explicit approval is requested to proceed with manufacturing of the item/s. We MAY ask for confirmation of approval in case of doubt. Approval can be expressed in formal ways as: "I approve the preview"; with simple declarations of will as: "ok" or in any other way that can be considered approval such as "looks great!". Once the approval is given, item/s will be produced and there will be no more chance to change provided information. If customer wishes to change something, he/she needs to do it before giving the approval.

- At the same time the first preview is sent to customer, a message summarizing the above rules is included in the e-mail. Message as well as above rules refer only to the information provided for customization purposes (including photo) and to type of item ordered. If you notice the preview deceipts a type of item different from the one purchased, customer must say it before giving the approval.

- Violation of any of the procedimental rules does not allow customer to request return/refund/re-manufacturing of the item/s purchased. Specifically, return/refund/re-manufacturing of the item/s purchased is not possible if:
Customer's complaints come from ignoranace of conrtactual clauses.
Customer decides to change one or more information provided after the approval/once item is produced.
Customer notices one or more information are misspelled, incorrect or different from his/her will after the approval/once item is produced.
Customer wants to cancel the order after a customized item is produced or wants to return it (see above subsection: "Refund policy").

- There may be a time frame between customer's approval and manufacturing of item/s. In such time frame customer can still express his/her will to edit. If we get to know this before manufacturing the item/s, we will provide to accomodate customer's will, otherwise the above rules apply. In other words, if we read the e-mail on time we can still edit the information or change type of item, but this is only a matter of luck. If approval is given, then customer submits a request to edit data, but item has already been produced, customer will have no right to demand a return/refund/re-manufacturing of the item/s purchased.