Prop maker

Do you want to reproduce an ID card you have seen in a movie?
Are you looking for some IDs for your production?
Do you need an accessory for you Halloween costume?
or just looking for a cool present like a custom made cigarette packet?

We are able to make 100% custom orders:

items we can make: ID cards, credentials, documents (checks, file folder sheets, etc.), metal badges, cigarette packets, military ribbons.
Customization is available for all the above items.
free quotation, no minimum order quantity side-by-side work and cooperation with customer.

Feel free to send your inquire to the email address shown in the Contact us section. We will gladly answer to your request.

If you need customization of military/police ID cards, download and fill the customization form from each item's page. IF customization option is not offered (therefore customization form not available), send us an email.

The following products are prop or fantasy items already done. They all can be customized on request (if customization is not already offered).

Ready cigarette packets

See also the Military section, you will find more cigarette packets

Coming soon

Price: ---

Halloween items

FBI - Female Body Inspector credentials in leather wallet

Price: 11,00

FBI - Female Body Inspector ID card

Price: 9,00

Ready ID cards and papers

Civil War Confederate States Army ID card

Price: 13,00

Civil War, CSA Secret Service credentials

Price: 15,00

Civil War Confederate States Army Honorable Discharge

Price: 10,00

Civil War United States Secret Service credentials

Price: 15,00

To U.S. customers: the United States Federal Law (HR 4827, Law #106-547), pertaining to badge possession, collecting, and use came into force on 12/19/2000. This Federal law makes the possession, shipping, and use of Police badges and id cards and Replica Police badges and id cards a crime if they are used for any purpose whatsoever, other than the following: 1. As a memento, or in a collection; 2. for decorative purposes; 3. for a dramatic presentation; 4. for any other recreational; 5. or for fan-collecting purpose. By ordering any badges, you affirm that you are at least 21 years of age and agree to lawful use of the ordered id cards or credentials as explained above.
To all customers: we sell (obsolete) replicas of cards, badges and credentials for fan collecting purposes only. We do not authorize or encourage any unlawful use of these badges. Customer should check his/her local regulations regarding the possession and/or displaying of law enforcement badges prior to making the purchase.
Customer assumes all the responsibilities deriving from purchase and use of item/s.